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4 Things to Consider When Ordering a Cake February 23, 2013

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mmm cake!

mmm cake!

If you’re like me and have a pretty large sweet tooth then you won’t be alarmed by my assertion that a cake can make or break an evening’s festivities. The cake is often the attraction where guests gather around and shower well-wishes upon the couple, man, or woman celebrating their day. To make the celebration even sweeter, read these tips about ordering the perfect cake for your event!

  1. Price. Specialty cakes will require a lot of dough. The floury kind and the green kind. If you’re trying to save some of the green kind, it’s not too hard to find a cake that oozes elegance without spending hundreds of dollars in additional icing. Your cake does not have to be from a famous cake shop; many local bakeries create exquisitely decorated and deliciously tasting cakes.
  2. Appearance vs. Taste. Be cautious. An overly decorated intricate cake, while it may look like a work of art, might not taste that great. I think simply decorated cakes are the best; they are classy, beautiful, and taste delectable! It is easy for a baker to tie in a few simple elements of your color scheme or theme into the cake. This is a better option than having an over-the-top cake that tastes like plastic. Nobody wants to bite into mouthful of fondant.
  3. Guests’ Tastes. If you simply love the taste of pina colada and want your cake to be coconut flavored with a pina colada filling, think again. It’s best not to go with an unusual flavor. You do want everyone to eat the cake after all, so stick with the basics: vanilla, chocolate, marble, coffee, strawberry.
  4. Other Desserts. If you are having a lot of guests and think that the cake alone may not suffice, or maybe you just don’t want to admit that you have a lot of, let’s say, heavy eaters attending, then don’t be afraid to bring on the desserts! A cake is staple piece of any event but it does not have to be the only piece. A great idea is to have the cake and then also have a plate of assorted cookies or gourmet chocolates placed at each table. Now that’s icing on the cake.
A beautifully decorated cake from The House of Elegant Cakes

A beautifully decorated cake from The House of Elegant Cakes

 “Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people”

-Audrey Hepburn


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