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Rent a Private Estate for Your Wedding February 27, 2013

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A lovely outdoor wedding

A lovely outdoor wedding


If my life was like Diane Lane’s life in Under the Tuscan Sun then I would love to host weddings and other assorted parties in my backyard. Unfortunately my backyard is not a picturesque Italian landscape. But don’t worry, the reality of the tri-state landscape teaches us a wonderful lesson about the location, location, location of an event. While there are many stunning venues, hotels, museums, and ballrooms in New Jersey and New York, there is something warm and enticing about hosting an event in a more private location.  If you’re looking for an atypical wedding atmosphere, look no further than someone else’s house. Seriously. An emerging trend in weddings is to rent a private estate for a week or weekend to have your wedding. I have been hearing more talk about renting out wedding properties and found this article on the topic from the NY Times rather interesting.


Homeowners of private residences and estates have been listing their properties on event and wedding websites to attract brides who are looking for something a bit different than the average venue. Many of these estates are in the Hamptons, and they offer an elegant, natural location for weddings (they often include beach access as well!). These venues present the perfect background setting for creating your own version of an upscale backyard wedding. They are an intimate alternative to the sometimes forced, stuffy atmosphere of a typical indoor wedding. These residences are rented out and their privacy enables you to add special touches that will transform the location into the feel you’re going for on your big day.

Oheka Castle in the Hamptons

Oheka Castle in the Hamptons


A quaint estate offering an airy and lush backyard atmosphere would be an absolutely lovely location for an outdoor wedding. My friend Stephanie has a blog about sophisticated and chic outdoor weddings called True Blue Wedding. She offers creative tips about adding those personal touches to make your outdoor wedding truly memorable. Check out her blog here!


Oheka Castle Backyard

Oheka Castle Backyard


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