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The Importance of Lighting at an Event March 8, 2013

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The warm, orange glow of this space sets an intimate tone

The warm glow of this space sets an intimate tone


When looking at pictures from your special day, no one is going to say “wow this picture is great; I can barely see our faces!” Bad lighting, besides ruining many photo opportunities, can seriously hamper the success of an event. I may sound a little dramatic, “oh no, that light bulb is out- the whole wedding is off!” but what I am getting at is the lighting atmosphere as a whole. The lighting in your event space will set the tone and feel of your entire event.


I follow Infinity Events NJ on Twitter and their recent posts showcasing the beautiful photos from their events sparked my thinking about the significance of an event’s lighting. In order to achieve a flawless ambiance similar to the atmospheres created by Infinity Events it is important to establish your lighting schema early in the planning process.


Is your event occurring during the day or at night? A day event will emulate the airiness and brightness of the sun. A night event will result in a softer glow, illuminating the shadows and dark spots brought on by the night.


Are you planning to have your event indoors or outdoors? Unless you have some unprecedented access to the weather forecast, you will not be able control the natural lighting outdoors. One thing to remember about outdoor events is that the sunlight can be harsh at times. Make sure you have tents or shady trees in the vicinity so that guests won’t be squinting the entire time. Indoor events will rely on artificial lighting. The great thing about indoor events is that you can alter the lighting to fit the mood of your event and can even alter the lightning throughout the event.

This drapery offers a unique way to block the sunlight

This drapery offers a unique way to block the sunlight


Flashing disco lights and strobe lights combined with a darkened room will give the feel of a club atmosphere. Everyone should be ready to party and hit the dance floor at this event!


Bright lights paired with small candles on the tables during a day event will emulate the friendly, yet vibrant atmosphere of a bridal or baby shower.

Love how the natural light plays off the glassware

Love how the natural light plays off the centerpiece


If you are having a smaller gathering or dinner, a warm, orange lighting will offer an intimate and romantic feel.


Lighting that includes variations of purple, blue, and deep magenta tones is great for night events and weddings. These colors contrast well against white drapery and tablecloths.


The lighting at your event will help guests feel more comfortable and will ensure that everyone has a lovely time. After all, nobody wants to be blinded by the light!


Infinity Events NJ is a full service Event and Wedding company that specializes in DJ, Photography, and Videography services. Being a photography company, I thought Infinity Events’ emphasis on this subject was a great way to promote their expertise in this area of event planning.


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