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Simple Ideas for a Tea Party Themed Event March 13, 2013

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It’s a rather rainy Tuesday here in New Jersey and the rain always makes me want to just snuggle up with a hot cup of tea. Speaking of tea, a charming idea for a themed bridal or baby shower would be to host a tea party.


A tea party theme is a great option for a smaller-scale shower. This theme would be better for an in house-party; it will be easier to decorate and to create a cozier atmosphere with couches and comfy chairs as opposed to the banquet chairs that are found in a rented out space. Being in your own home will allow you to add more personal touches to the affair and you will not have to worry about time restraints. Plus you will save money by not renting out a banquet space. A tea party theme can also easily be incorporated into an outdoor garden party, so keep that in mind if the weather is going to be temperate!


Decoration Ideas:

  • Put flowers in old tea tins. Instant centerpieces!
  • Use the tea tin boxes to stack on tables. Or use them as stands where you can place the food dishes.
  • Find old tea cups at a local thrift store or garage sale. Or buy inexpensive ones at shops like HomeGoods. Put tea lights or votives in the cups and violá, tea cup candles!
  • String together dollies to make a cute banner to hang around the room.
  • Personalize tea bags to give as party favors or to use as place holders.
Tea Box Centerpiece

Tea Box Centerpiece



  • The classic mini sandwich. If you’re no cook, get those babies catered! They’ll still taste great and ordering them will save you time.
  • Melted brie and jam. Served with assorted crackers this dish is simply delicious!
  • Early luncheon? Quiche is a must. Eggs, cheese, more cheese, yum.
  • How about a mean gazpacho soup? Or a turkey barley soup if the party is in the winter months. Serve with a dainty side salad.
  • Anything mini. For some reason, people go nuts when food is “mini-ized”.” If you’ve already got mini sandwiches, why not go for the mini muffins, mini cakes, mini chocolates, the works. As long as the gifts for the bride-to-be or mom-to-be don’t become “mini-ized” too!



  • Ask each guest to bring a cookie, instant cookie swap. Guests can fill tea tins with cookies and take some for the road!
  • Scones. I’m not even remotely British, but I’m a sucker for a good scone. Not that you have to be British to enjoy a scone of course! Go for a twist on classic scone flavors. Try something new like cinnamon chip or pumpkin spice scones in addition to the classics like blueberry and lemon.
  • Nobody will ever deny the cuteness or the tastiness of petit fours.
  • Other elegant desserts that a Duchess would approve of include: macaroons, lemon squares, shortbread cookies, tea cakes. Think of what your guests will enjoy!
Tea Cup Candle

Tea Cup Candle


Of course no tea party will be complete without tea! Make sure you have sugar, cinnamon, honey, and milk available for people to perfect their teas. It’s also a good idea to have coffee for the non-tea drinkers.

  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Decaf Tea
  • Assorted Herbal Teas (chamomile, mint, lemon)
  • Any other flavors you think will be crowd-pleasers!

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