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Having a Private Affair in a Public Location March 25, 2013

Dancing in the Street

Dancing in the Street

This past weekend I was down in New Orleans for a conference and while walking around the picturesque French Quarter on Saturday I noticed a bunch of blushing brides and their wedding parties around the town. (In addition to all the Bachelorette parties having a blast on Bourbon Street!)


These bridal parties were all posing for pictures around the historic and gorgeous St. Louis Cathedral and the quaint side streets. The unifying theme between these brides was that these women and their wedding parties were thrust into the public eye when weddings are usually a private affair.

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans


A couple laughing and spontaneously dancing to a jazz band playing in the street

A bride leaning in to whisper something to her father in between photos

A bride and groom holding a sweet, endearing pose for the photographers while the city rushed around them


These charming, personal moments and others like them are private occurrences that are generally tucked away inside a person’s memory. But when an event occurs in a very public location, these moments are projected before the public. A closed, private moment easily transforms into a public show for all; like a movie still the passing pedestrians can glimpse into your life’s celebratory moments.


The night before I saw all these weddings, there was a private party for Microsoft occurring at the Riverwalk along the Mississippi River. This event was closed off to the public. Trust me, I tried to sneak in to get close enough to see Matchbox 20 (who was performing at the event) but I was stopped by security guards. If the security option is out of the question for your event or if your event plans take you out and about in a public area, just know that there will be onlookers.   If you are rather shy and don’t like the idea of outsiders being able to peek into your special moments then it might not hurt to consider having your event at a more remote location.

A bridal party posing for pictures adjacent to the cathedral

A bridal party posing for pictures adjacent to the cathedral


Feel weird with a crowd of people staring at you and your hubby taking pics? Don’t! People love to rejoice and often find the beauty of weddings and other cool events irresistible. You may feel like you’re being thrust into an undesired spotlight, but c’mon, we all know everyone loves to ham it up now and then! Bask in your celebrity moment and appreciate the passersby’s’ well-wishes!


In all, be aware of the potential for onlookers and don’t be alarmed by them. If they take you by surprise, roll with it and embrace the moment!




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