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5 Creative Easter Centerpieces March 29, 2013

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Looking for an alternative to the typical bouquet of flowers to adorn your dinner table this Easter? While flowers are always gorgeous, it is nice to switch up the centerpiece every now and then. Check out these creative ways to enhance your Easter centerpieces.


1. Eggtastic Vase

 A simple way to spice up your vase for Easter

A simple way to spice up your vase for Easter

This centerpiece is easy to make and looks great with any type of flowers and in any type of vase. Simply put eggs at the bottom of the vase and then insert your flowers around them. At my house we have a collection of handmade Polish wooden eggs. They are bright, colorful, and create a wonderful  contrast with the flowers. Use wooden eggs, plastic eggs, ceramic eggs, and I guess you could use real eggs too, but they might start to smell!


2. Sweet-tooth Vase



This centerpiece also incorporates flowers, but with a sweet twist. Pour a bag of jelly beans into a glass vase (preferably a square or circular vase) and you’ve got a cute way to show your Easter spirit!

Everyone loves Peeps

Everyone loves Peeps

Take it up a notch a outline the rim of the vase with Peeps. Snacking is allowed while creating this centerpiece!


3. Egg Candle Centerpiece

These eggs offer a unique twist on the typical candle. You can purchase egg shaped candles from places like Amazon and Potterybarn for about $8 for a set of 6. Place your eggs on a decorative plate or serving dish and adorn with real or fake flowers or nesting straw.


4. Bunnylicious

Elegant Ceramic Rabbit

Elegant Ceramic Rabbit

For a more sophisticated dinner, sleek home decor can work well as a centerpiece. This white ceramic rabbit accentuates the crystal glassware and white linens nicely. The Wisteria flowers add a cheery “Spring” element to tie the table together. Look for inexpensive yet stylish Easter-related home decor at places like HomeGoods, Pier 1 Imports, Michael’s, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel.


5. Nest Centerpiece

What a great color scheme

What a great color scheme

This centerpiece will add a natural feel to the table. To create the bedding that the eggs will lie in you can buy the fake twigs and small branches from your local craft store. Another innovative option is to buy a Spring wreath and then simply place the eggs in the middle of wreath. You can then re-use the wreath to adorn one of your doors! The egg situation here is the same as it was for the first centerpiece: wooden, plastic, or ceramic eggs will all look great.


Use your creativity and resourcefulness when it comes to incorporating an Easter theme into your table setting and centerpiece. Have a lovely day celebrating with your family and friends!


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  1. I really like this blogpost. These are really creative ideas and it seems easy to do. I like the idea about putting jelly beans at the bottom of the vase and putting flowers. It adds a blast of color and is something fun.

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